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Lockheed Martin has a long, distinguished record of providing business process services that encompass energy efficiency, demand response, clean energy, information technology, and outsourcing. Our customer base spans the federal government as well as state and regional energy organizations, utilities, businesses, and consumers. Our team delivering these services offers highly specialized subject matter expertise and technical credentials and includes engineers, scientists, business strategists, researchers, information specialists, marketing experts, and program managers. From load research, demand-side management, and public benefit and consumer incentive programs to energy productivity and demand response initiatives, Lockheed Martin develops and implements solutions that save time, money, and energy while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.



California consumers are not obligated to purchased any full fee service or other service not funded by this Program. This Program is funded by California utility rate payers under the auspices of the CPUC

Los consumidores en California no estan obligados a comprar servicios completos o adicionales que no esten cubiertos bajo este programa. Este programa esta financiado por los usuarios de servicios publicos en California bajo la jurisdiccion de la Comision de Servicios Publicos de California (CPUC).










Lockheed Martin Energy
San Francisco Office
275 Battery St., Suite 750
San Francisco, CA 94111
Phone 415-402-0406
Fax 415-402-0613
Lockheed Martin Energy
Bakersfield Office
501 E. Commerce Center Dr., Suite 290
Bakersfield, Ca 93309
Phone 661-374-7535

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