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Program Services

  • Conduct detailed technical energy studies
    - Performed by Senior Engineers
    - Comprehensive in nature
    - No cost to customer, one-stop shop
  • Project supplier support, installation oversight, post installation verification
  • Coordinate with other energy efficiency programs
  • Qualify and deliver financial incentives

Program incentives are available to customers who are:

  • Customers of Pacific Gas and Electric Company
  • Pay Public Purpose Program charges
  • Classified under the Heavy Industry NAICS Code assigned to LME
  • Have a minimum average peak electric load of 200 kW
2016-2018 Custom Incentive Rates
Gas Incentive  $1.00/therm 
kW Incentive $150/kw 
Basic Targeted 
Lighting  $0.03/kWh $0.08/kWh 
Non-Lighting $0.08/kWh $0.15/kWh
Incentives are capped at 50% of the aggregate project cost 

The LME HIEEP has the capability to issue Deemed rebates for energy efficiency projects as well as customized incentives (rates noted above). Deemed rebates are a fixed dollar amount based on the quantity and/or capacity of the energy efficient equipment installed. Applicable projects include, but are not limited to, LED lighting upgrades, boiler replacements, and HVAC fan variable frequency drives (VFD). For additional information regarding rebate rates and the list of qualifying equipment please visit


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