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Program Steps

  1. Prior to first customer visit:
    • LME will coordinate with Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) Customer Resource Manager (CRM) - this includes exchanging contact info and confirming that the customer is eligible to be served by the LME HIEEP
    • LME will prepare the access agreement and safety sheet
  2. LME will meet with PG&E Account Manager and Decision-maker (customer):
    • Identify uncommitted projects
    • Ensure that parties understand the capital investment process
    • Identify existing technical consultants and/or completed energy efficiency studies
    • Customer completes access agreements and reviews safety sheet with LME
    • Perform plant walk-through, focusing first on energy efficiency measures of interest to the customer
    • Define the scope of studies
    • Review and complete access agreements and safety sheet
  3. Conduct studies and prepare reports at no cost to the customer
  4. Customer completes project application. Pertinent project reports and information are sent to PG&E for review.
  5. Upon PG&E approval, LME will notify the customer of the approved savings and incentive. The customer may begin ordering equipment at this time.
  6. LME engineers assist with project implementation - project management, sourcing contractors/suppliers, etc.
  7. Upon project completion, LME will audit the installation and verify the savings. A representative from PG&E may be in attendance.
  8. The Customer completes the incentive recipient certification form, contractor certification of HVAC permits and license form (if applicable) and provides copies of project invoices to LME. The post-install project report and information is sent to PG&E for review and approval.
  9. Upon PG&E’s approval of the post-install report, LME will notify the customer of the approved incentive amount.
  10. Customer receives incentive check from LME




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