Lockheed Martin Energy

Lockheed Martin Energy has over 10 years of experience implementing energy efficiency programs for utilities across the country. We have a team of experienced engineers on staff, dedicated to PG&E Industrial Customers, eager to help you discover your next project.

LM Energy Experience

In August 2006, Lockheed Martin Energy (LME) was chosen to implement the Heavy Industry Energy Efficiency Program (HIEEP) to generate energy-efficiency in PG&E's industrial sector. From the beginning, LME has worked closely with PG&E Account Executives who play a key role in the success of the program by introducing us to their customers. This permits LME to focus on generating the energy-savings projects at the more motivated industrial customer facilities. This means targeting industrial customers for mechanical and process modifications which can yield significantly more energy savings than standard upgrades to end-use equipment and systems.

Our Objectives

Identify process-focused energy efficiency improvements and other opportunities
Reduce operating costs per unit of product
Improve product quality and production rate
Reduce waste, pollutants, and Green House Gas emissions
Facilitate electricity and natural-gas energy efficiency equipment and demand reduction upgrades
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Southern California Edison (SCE)
LME and SCE have partnered together to help eligible SCE business customers earn incentives for energy efficient upgrades, as well as provide technical services, project studies, project management assistance and more.
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Ameren Missouri
Since 2008, Lockheed Martin Energy has implemented the Ameren Missouri BizSavers Program by providing cash incentives, technical assistance, engineering support and more to business customers across Missouri.
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Indiana Michigan Power
Lockheed Martin Energy delivers cost-effective, results-driven energy efficiency programs for the full catalog of Indiana Michigan Power's commercial and industrial business-focused programs.
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Lockheed Martin Energy is the sole implementer of NIPSCO's Commercial and Residential Energy Efficiency Programs and continues to help customers save money and energy throughout Indiana.
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PSEG Long Island
Lockheed Martin Energy administers a full suite of commercial, industrial, and residential energy efficiency and demand response programs for PSEG Long Island.
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Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
Since 2013, Lockheed Martin Energy has served as Program Administrator for TVA providing turnkey delivery for the EnergyRight® Solutions for Business and Industry Programs and is responsible for program administration, engineering, incentive distribution, and TA management.

Who We Are

LME has served PG&E for five consecutive Program cycles (2006 - present) and is recognized as a leading implementer for one of the largest utilities in the country. We play a significant role in managing a large, complex program. This includes interface with the California Public Utilities Commission and Legislature in addressing current energy issues and shaping future Program requirements.

The Program staff is made up of highly qualified energy engineers, along with a group of professional energy consultants that serve a wide variety of industries. This staff makeup is critical in order to engage and serve the unique and highly technical industrial market segment.

LME and PG&E program staff have conducted two Lean Six Sigma continuous improvement events as a part of our culture of operating excellence. Results from these events have increased effective communication, reduced turn-around time of study review, and got both teams working more efficiently.

Since the HIEEP Program started in 2006, cumulative savings through 2017

330 GWh

19.5 MMTherms

California consumers are not obligated to purchase any full fee service or other service not funded by this Program. This Program is funded by California utility rate payers under the auspices of the CPUC

Los consumidores en California no estan obligados a comprar servicios completos o adicionales que no esten cubiertos bajo este programa. Este programa esta financiado por los usuarios de servicios publicos en California bajo la jurisdiccion de la Comision de Servicios Publicos de California (CPUC).