This program identifies and facilitates the implementation of major process-oriented and other energy efficiency upgrades for Pacific Gas and Electric Company's (PG&E) heavy industry customers. Customers that install energy efficient systems and equipment will receive incentives based on the annual kWh or therm savings achieved.

How can we help?

Our experienced Lockheed Martin Energy Engineers are available to assist Heavy Industrial Customers by conducting comprehensive energy audits and evaluations at industrial facilities at no cost to the customer. The program offers a variety of services designed to help Heavy Industrial Customers save money, energy and make process improvements, including:
Commercial and Industrial Energy Engineering and Audits
Measurement and Verification (M&V) of Energy and Water Savings
Commercial and Industrial Retro-Commissioning
Energy Storage Analysis
Commercial and Industrial Demand Response and Demand Management
Integrated Demand Side Management (IDSM) Program Design
IDSM Program Implementation and Management
Coordinate with Other Energy Efficiency Programs
Qualify and Deliver Financial Incentives

With you every step of the way

Project Supplier
Installation Oversight
Post Installation


The Program supports a broad range of energy-efficiency measures including but not limited to:
Motor upgrades
Variable speed drives on pumps, fans and motors
Laboratory HVAC system improvements
Clean room HVAC applications
Air compressor system retrofits
Process cooling systems upgrades
Process controls improvements
Refrigeration system upgrades
Industrial Retro-Commissioning activities
Piping system changes that reduce pressure drops
Boiler or furnace replacements
Boiler/furnace heat recovery or economizer installations
Process improvements (including projects that increase load but reduce per-unit energy usage)
Incentive RatesTo-Code or
Standard Practice
Above Code or
Standard Practice
Incentives are capped at 50% of the full measure cost or 100% of the incremental measure cost. Contact Lockheed Martin Energy for more information regarding individual measure cost caps
The LME HIEEP has the capability to issue Deemed rebates for energy efficiency projects as well as customized incentives (rates noted above). Deemed rebates are a fixed dollar amount based on the quantity and/or capacity of the energy efficient equipment installed. Applicable projects include, but are not limited to, LED lighting upgrades, boiler replacements, and HVAC fan variable frequency drives (VFD). For additional information regarding rebate rates and the list of qualifying equipment please visit

Program Eligibility

Program incentives are available to customers who: